Robert van den Bosch

5th Dan Aikikai Aikido, LMA 3 Teacher,

He started in 1985 with Aikido in the dojo of Bacas sensei (6th Dan) (1938-2006 ) and was seized by the physical training without a lot of muscle power. Next to the physicall trainings, we also sat down for zazen sessions with breathing and calming the mind exersises.

Yamada Hironobu 8 dan Shihan

In 2006 he met Hironobu Yamada sensei, (8th dan) who, is a longtime student of Tada Sensei (9th Dan). Under the guidance of Yamada Sensei, Robert went on exploring and training aikido and continuing with his development and further understanding of Aikido.

 DSCN1751He started teaching Aikido to children in 1994. Few years later he became a regular teacher to adult groups in dojos in The Hague, Rotterdam and Rhoon.
For him teaching is a privilege, where you get the possibilitie to share your knowledge and to get the reflexion from many people. Like in a mirror but then not with one reflexion but many.

Robert trains regularly and takes part in both national and international Aikido seminars. He is a regular visitor at Hombu dojo and Gessoji dojo (Tada Shihan) in Tokyo and Hokusou Aikikai in Chiba Prefecture where he travels yearly to practice.



In addition to Aikido, Robert is studying and teaching Healing Tao as Basic-instructor and GevoelsBewust Bewegen.

Furthermore, Robert has a degree in building engineering and he work as IT-professional.