Welcome to Aikido 合気道

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that can be practiced by men and women of any age. This martial art belongs to the ancient Japanese Budo tradition but being developed around 1920 by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), it is one of the youngest member of this tradition.

Morihei Ueshiba has combined many different aspects of martial arts into a system which does not meet force with force but aims at blending with and re-directing the energy of an attacker and to bring him under control through throws and pins. The movements are graceful, effective and seem deceivingly simple, often based upon ancient sword fighting techniques. The attacker will notice that the more speed power he puts into an attack the faster and harder the energy returns.

Saturday practice on sand !

Last Saturday we had a good workout with Suzuki sensei and Robert sensei in the dunes.

Some cardio, strength, coordination with and without a ball and stetching of the body. We worked on perseverance, concentration, honesty, loyalty and much more.

After that we did the 1st Jo kata from Tada sensei.

IMG 20210417 10272719.04.2021

#binnensportnietbuitenspel #Aikidocentraal

All Aikido lessons cancelled !

Starting from monday 14-12-2020, 24:00h all indoor sport activities for children and adults are not aloud.

All Aikido lessons in both locations, Houtrust and De Poort, are cancelled untill at least monday 18th Januari 2021

Keep save and healthy.

Childrens Aikido lessons after 4 November

All the childrens lessons continue as usual.

Start Aikido season from Monday, August 31st 2020

Our schedule for the new season has been adjusted. We start on Monday, August 31st, 2020.
We will have the following classes:
Monday 19.30-20.30 adults (teacher Robert van den Bosch), Dojo Houtrust
Tuesday  17.30-18.15 children 6-8 years , Dojo De Poort
                 18.30-19.30 children 9-12, Dojo De Poort
Wednesday 19.30-20.30 adults (teacher Koichiro Suzuki), Dojo Houtrust
Thursday  17.30-18.15 children 6-8 years , Dojo De Poort
                 18.30-19.30 children 9-12, Dojo De Poort

Friday 19.30-20.30 adults (teacher Silvia Marton), Dojo Houtrust
Saturday 12.00-13.00 adults, Dojo Houtrust
The Tuesday- and Thursday's classes for adults at De Poort have been canceled. 
There might still be some outdoor classes.